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11444 South Apopka Vineland Road Unit 106A, Orlando, FL.32836

Phone: (407) 238-2306

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11444 S Apopka Vineland Rd Unit 106A, Orlando, FL. 32836


This applies to people with no insurance, high deductible policies, are from out of the country, or just don’t want us to bill your insurance.  The average visit costs around $60. The initial examination and x-rays (if necessary) will normally cost more.

Cash prices vs insurance prices.

By law, we must charge every person the exact same fees for each service that we provide.  By billing the insurance company our clinic agrees to let them reimburse us based on their fee schedule limits.  We are not allowed to do that with our cash paying patients.  However, we can give a time of service discount where we agree to reduce what we collect, by having you pay for your entire visit while at our clinic.  

What does that mean for you?

We are able to apply a time of service discount to our services to allow for a much more affordable visit to you.  At the same time it save us the hassle and extra costs of billing the insurance companies or using collection agencies to collect from you at later date.  

What about my deductible?

Note that this means we will not bill your insurance or apply it towards your deductible.  If you wish for our services to apply towards your deductible then we cannot apply the time of service discount and it will most likely cost much more for the visit.