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11444 S Apopka Vineland Rd Unit 106A, Orlando, FL. 32836


Cigna is a high quality health network with very good benefit plans for its policy owners toward chiropractic and other medical doctors.  Here is a breakdown of the information about your plan that determines what you will owe for your visit.

Deductible: The total amount of all medical costs you have to pay each year before your insurance plan begins to pay for your care.  Cigna normally has $0 or very low deductibles which saves you a lot of money when receiving health care.  Their are normally 2 types of deductibles; individual and family. Whichever you have met first triggers the next section.

Co-pay vs Co-insurance

Depending on your particular plan, after the deductible has been met you will either be required to pay a co-pay or a co-insurance.

Out-of-pocket limit (Stop-Loss): Health care costs you have to pay with your own money.  This is a maximum most insurance plans have where if the patient spends a certain amount of their own money on their healthcare costs, in a given year, their co-pays and co-insurance get set to zero.  This is usually a very large number that most people never reach without having to undergo surgery.

Health savings account (HSA): An account a person or employer sets up to save money for health care costs.  All your services at our clinic can be payed for with a HSA.

Visit Limit:  This is the number of chiropractic visits covered by your insurance policy in a given year.  Cigna normally has a 20-40 visit limit each year that they will cover.

Exclusions (limitations): Medical services that aren't covered by the insurance plan.  Cigna covers all chiropractic services, with the exception of massage which gets treated as a separate cash only service.

Denial of claim: When an insurance plan refuses to pay for a certain health care service.  Chiropractic does not require a referral with Cigna and thus don’t deny our claims.  This usually will only occur if you go to an MD specialist (osteopath, neurologist) or get advanced diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT) without a referral and pre-approval by your insurance company through your primary physician or chiropractor.