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11444 S Apopka Vineland Rd Unit 106A, Orlando, FL. 32836


Medicare is a government run health network for senior citizens.  Medicare does not cover all chiropractic services as will be explained below.  

Covered Services: Medicare only covers the chiropractic adjustment.  All exams, x-rays, or physical therapy are considered non-covered services and will cost extra if they are performed.  

Deductible: The total amount of all medical costs you have to pay each year before your insurance plan begins to pay for your care.  Medicare has a $140 deductible.

Co-insurance: after the deductible has been met medicare will cover 80% of covered services, The 20% you as of January 1, 2012 is $7.00.  

Supplemental Insurance: This insurance covers the deductible and 20% that was not covered by Medicare.  It follows the same rules as medicare and thus only covers services that medicare covers.

So what is this actually going to cost me? (Approximations)


  1. Deductible not met: $40
  2. Deductible met: $7
  3. Medicare + Supplemental: $0

Physical Therapy (Includes electrical stimulation,

    hot/cold therapy, and traction): an extra $20

X-rays: $10 per film

Note: These are approximations and Medicare can change their fee schedule at any time.  So these services may cost more or less during your visit.

Health savings account (HSA): An account a person or employer sets up to save money for health care costs.  All your services at our clinic can be payed for with a HSA.

Visit Limit:  This is the number of chiropractic visits covered by your insurance policy in a given year.  Medicare has no set visit limit.  However, it will only cover active problems.  I.e. new problems or flair ups in existing problems.  It does not cover maintenance care.

Maintenance care: This is health care which most likely won’t improve a chronic problem, but is instead meant to prevent new problems and further deterioration of current problems.  As noted, this is not covered by medicare.  BUT, any new flair ups in a chronic problem are so please make sure to tell the chiropractor of any new flair ups so they can update the insurance company.

Denial of claim: When an insurance plan refuses to pay for a certain health care service.  As noted above, any claim that medicare deems to not be an active or acute problem will not be covered so it is important to note any new flair ups or new problems to note to the insurance company.